The European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly to back a number of red lines regarding Brexit talks with Britain, می نویسد: .

MEPs in Strasbourg, France voted by 516 to 133 to back the resolution on Wednesday morning, meaning that the EU's only directly-elected body has now established its official negotiating strategy ahead of Brexit talks with getting underway.

پارلمان یک برنامه است که خواستار مذاکره مرحله به مرحله و برای بریتانیا که به وظایف خود به عنوان یک کشور عضو اتحادیه اروپا تا زمانی که آن را از بلوک 28 کشور مارس 2019 قطره حمایت می شود.


این قطعنامه همچنین تقویت خطوط قرمز که کمیسیون در هفته گذشته منتشر شده, including the Union's refusal to discuss a future trade agreement (FTA) with Britain until issues regarding the initial divorce are settled.

Speaking before the vote, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier described Prime Minister Theresa May's desire that divorce and trade talks to be held in parallel as a "very risky" strategy.

"Theresa May’s letter seeks a rapid agreement but, honourable members, the devil is quite clearly going to be in the detail and the six months of work done so far points to that," Barnier said.

"A single financial settlement, as a result of UK commitments to the EU, and the EU commitments to the UK, there your resolution is very clear. We do not seek to punish the UK but simply ask the UK to deliver on its commitments and undertakings as a member of the EU."


این خطوط کلید قرمز در قطعنامه عبارتند از:

  • هر گونه معامله انتقالی نباید از سه سال طولانی تر است.
  • Any transitional deal will be enforced and overseen by the EU's Court of Justice (ECJ).
  • شهروندان بریتانیا در شهروندان اتحادیه اروپا و اتحادیه اروپا در بریتانیا باید تضمین معامله متقابل.
  • بدون توافق نهایی می تواند شامل یک تجارت بین تجارت و همکاری های امنیتی است.
  • بریتانیا باید به محیط زیست اتحادیه اروپا و قوانین فرار ضد مالیات به منظور دستیابی به روابط تجاری نزدیک پس از Brexit پایبند.
  • The UK should pay to the EU costs that "arise directly from its withdrawal."
  • بانکداری و آژانس اروپایی سازمان اروپایی داروها باید به دور از لندن نقل مکان کردند.

Labour's shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer urged Prime Minister Theresa May to "reflect" on the guidelines ahead of talks getting underway later this month.

"These will be the most complex and important negotiations for decades and it is vital that the prime minister reflects on these guidelines and sets about building alliances and good faith with our EU partners," he said.